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28 September 2017 08:30-10:30The Formlab hall at DOGA

A breakfast seminar about how digital technologies have begun to shape the planning and design of cities, and how the Nordic approach differs from the vision offered by Silicon Valley. Organised by the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, DOGA and IxDA Oslo.

Digital technologies and their design are becoming integral to urban and civic life public services, as well as to commerce, media, culture, and education. The digitalisation of urban culture, industry, and the public sector brings with it both new problems and possibilities for digital design, architecture and planning.

Currently, most «smart city» initiatives are led by technology and policy. But what happens when these trends become citizen-facing products, interfaces and buildings?

How can we, through design and urbanism, best meet this digital urban shift? Which skills and competencies are required to make our digital urban societies inclusive, user-centred, and understandable?

The breakfast seminar consists of a series of short talks by international experts and local practitioners, and a roundtable discussion moderated by Einar Sneve Martinussen, Associate Professor of Interaction Design at AHO.

With us we have Dan Hill, designer, urbanist, writer and Head of Arup Digital Studio; and philosopher and urbanist Rikke Gram-Hansen, most recently of Copenhagen Solutions Lab; Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby, CTO of Urban Infrastructure Partner (UIP) which powers the city bike system in Oslo and Bergen, and Fredrik Matheson, Experience Lead at Bekk Consulting and director of IxDA Oslo.

 Cover image from Timo Arnall's photo series 'People using phones'.

The event is organised by the research group Digital Urban Living at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, with support from IxDA Oslo and DOGA. This breakfast seminar is connected to the evening event The Digital City - Designing for citizens and society that takes place at at AHO the same evening, from 18:00 to 19:45.

Here, Dan Hill and Rikke Gram-Hansen will give full talks about their work and experiences from digital cities with a rich selection of cases and examples.

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Dan Hill
Head of Arup Digital Studio

Dan is a renowned designer, urbanist and writer who for over 15 years have been a critical and reflective voice in the field of digital and urban design.

Today, Dan is an Associate Director at Arup, the global design and engineering firm. He is Head of Arup Digital Studio, a multidisciplinary user experience design team that helps clients and collaborators create great buildings, places, infrastructure and cities, making innovative ideas tangible, and grounding them in research and prototyping

Dan will present a set of examples, drawn from projects, describing how to use technology to humanise our approach to cities, spaces and places, and how strategic design can unlock new relationships between citizens and institutions, often within a Nordic context. His talk will include a set of design principles and cases for positively and progressively addressing the complexity of the age we live in.

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Rikke Gram-Hansen
‎Senior Project Manager - ‎Archiland

Rikke Gram-Hansen is based in Copenhagen and has a background in Philosophy and Urban Studies. She is a senior project manager at Archiland, where she advises on strategic urban development, and strives to employ her knowledge of data and internet of things in a sustainable and intelligent urban planning in Copenhagen and beyond. 

Rikke has a great interest in the impact and potential of digital technologies on city and citizens, and how to use it in strategic urban planning.  As a special advisor to the City of Copenhagen, Rikke has led the development of the public-private innovation partnership Street Lab, which put the smart city vision of the city in practice by actually implementing a smart city infrastructure around the City Hall.

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Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby
CTO + Product at Urban Infrastructure Partner

Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby is CTO at Urban Infrastructure Partner, a Norwegian start-up that applies digital infrastructure to the physical world, helping cities getting better at sharing - currently most known for Oslo Bysykkel, Oslo’s bike-sharing system. His background is in digital strategy and product development both as a consultant and in start-ups. Originally trained as a service designer he strongly believes in user driven development, co-design processes and is a passionate advocate for open data.

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Einar Sneve Martinussen
Associate Professor, Interaction Design program manager, AHO

Einar is an interaction designer and researcher working with culture, technology and urban life, and chairs the interaction design program at the Institute of Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), where he is an associate professor.

Einar did his doctorate on networked cities, social media and design, and is currently the project leader of the interdisciplinary research group «Digital Urban Living» at AHO. Einar is also part of the Oslo-based design studio Voy.

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Fredrik Matheson
Experience Lead at Bekk Consulting, Director of IxDA Oslo

Fredrik Matheson is an Experience Lead at BEKK Consulting, where he helps Norwegian and international businesses and institutions succeed with digital transformation.

Fredrik is also managing director of IxDA Oslo, an interdisciplinary forum for design, user experience and product management with more than 3000 members. IxDA works towards strengthening digital design education and Norway’s competitiveness in an ever more digital world.

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